Michael Steele Speaks

Thursday, October 05, 2006
Paul Mirengoff at Powerline writes a nice pointer to a letter that Lieutenant Governor Steele wrote in response to the Democratic slave catchers charged with returning him to the plantation - or killing his political chances of freedom.

Steele highlights the typical slime tactics that the Democratic leadership has used in their attempts to return him to chains or destroy him:
Unfortunately, I have come to expect such ugly, gutter politics from you. Congressman Cardin, while saying you have expressed outrage to “all concerned parties” for the racist comments on your senior staffer’s blog, you have yet to apologize to me. Chairman Dean, your personal pollster, Cornell Belcher, advocated racist attacks to “knock” me down and “discredit” me, and yet I have received no apology from you. And, Senator Schumer, your staffers pled guilty to a crime when they stole my credit report and violated my privacy and that of my family, but I have had no apology from you either.
Some day the black chattels of the Democratic Party are going to look at the ruin wrought by their Democratic owners on their families, the heart of their existence, and free themselves.

Micahel Steele is a justly proud man of many fine accomplishments who merits the support of any Marylander who believes in freedom. Masta Cardin currently has a very slim lead because his slavers have met their match - and all the Democrat slavemasters are quaking.


Knucklehead said...

The folks who brought us Jim Crow were quite clever about co-opting the votes they had lost the ability to prevent. Some day the co-opted might recognize the grave mistake they've made. At least we can hope for that outcome.

David Thomson said...

I'm betting that Michael Steele wins in November. Too many black Democrats are going to stay home on election day. Steele will squeak by with a two point margin.