Will the phoney Foley folley flop, then flip

Thursday, October 05, 2006
If what Drudge is reporting turns out to be true to most any extent it might behoove Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA-8) to duck into the congressional powder room and apply her favorite egg-proof makeup.

More at Macsmind:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a political conspiracy unravel as fast as this one that involves former representative Mark Foley.

UPDATE: American Thinker has a new piece up on the CREW aspect of this farce.


terrye said...

I am watching Brit Hume right now and so far there has been no mention of prank. What are they waiting for?

Knucklehead said...

Unlike a certain other news organization - cough ABC cough - they may be waiting for some confirmation.

Another day or two won't hurt anything presuming this is pursued.

David Thomson said...

"What are they waiting for?"

Fox News merely wants to double check everything. I think they will go with the story tomorrow evening.

I am predicting that by next Tuesday---the Democrats are going to wish they never heard of the Mark Foley scandal. Everything is starting fall apart for them.

terrye said...

I looked at pajamas and they said something about some poll indicating that if Hastert does not step down there will be big losses.

I think this is stupid. Why would that matter to people? I don;t think that most people will change their vote over this and the ones that might will not be satisfied with Hastert falling on his sword. The Democrats would just use it against them anyway. However, people are still predicting he will quit.

I don't much like the guy, but this should not be the reason he quits.

Rick Ballard said...


That "poll" was a little sham acting by some people who want Hastert's job. Right after they "leaked" it they realized that if the Reps don't win then Pelosi gets Hastert's job. A very, very stupid move.

I expect Hastert to step down in January and if he does I will be writing some very unkind things about Blount. The man is a feckless, sniveling, power seeker and would make a terrible Speaker. I'm not high on the job Boehner is doing either.

David Thomson said...

I keep hearing how certain people long ago warned Dennia Hastert about mark Foley. Well, did they offer any solid evidence? Hastert would have been slimed by the MSM if he dared begin a "thorough investigation" on a gay Republican politician based on mere innuendo.

terrye said...


I know what you mean. There are some odd birds in Congress, I am sure there are lots of warnings of one kind or another all the time.

But the thing I do not understand, is what would Hastert have done? If Foley was not breaking any laws or rules, what exactly could be done?

terrye said...


I had the same thought about Blount. Knife in the back.

Fresh Air said...


You suckered me on that "new piece."

Congrats, Rick! Outstanding takedown of these slimeballs.

CF said...

I wrote Blount yesterday excoriating him. Today he backed down--I am not claiming a nexus.

Stupid shmucks. Sounds like the Hadley strategy on those 16 words.

Knucklehead said...


Yet another slick move on my part, heh? ;)

Rick and Clarice and, IIRC, Thomas Lifson have done some real digging and reporting on this. Others have as well. Not to make too much of it but I think this is an example of the new model for "journalism". How and why, BTW, did digging into and documenting the news come to be called "journalism"?

People smell something funky nowadays and they team up and swarm it until they start to figure out what's going on.

I surmise that the slimers in this thing judged that they had a perfect setup because you can't point out how slimey they are behaving without seeming as if you're "defending Foley". I have no interest in defending Foley but in this weird and funky world of the 21st century the sad fact of the matter is that what Foley's done is down around the mild end of what goes on. And it always has. My father-in-law was a career police officer. He would never allow his daughters to be involved with the Swedish version of scouting sorts of things. Too many adult pervs involved and he claimed that as a policeman he got to see a whole lot more than ever came to public attention.

This morning with the alarm radio blabbing I heard some report about yet another thirty-something female (married with child) teacher having an extended, ummm...., relationship with yet another young teen (this one 13).

I don't want the likes of Foley in the government but that's a fantasy on my part. This idiocy that he's the worst thing to hit gummint since Caligula is just lame and the folks running that silly schtick outta be smacked upside the head for doing it.