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Thursday, January 04, 2007
The Corner on National Review Online: "We have gone from Hezbollah and Dr. Zawahiri referencing Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky to excurses on impeachment from deep thinkers like Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann to Halliburton plots to 'no blood for oil' to 'the world's greatest terrorist' to novels and movies dreaming of assassinating the President to George Soros's Nazi allusions and now to the ultimate trivialization of the anti-war crowd-that the war is a monumental uncool drag, a has-been distraction from more important things like fighting with Rosie or bucking up a naughty beauty queen or staged 'you're fired' poses. Meanwhile somewhere out there tonight there are courageous Marines and Army soldiers who are fighting for a cause they deeply believe in and are assured they can win. They are not cutting off or blowing up anyone's 'arms and legs', but have already ensured that Saddam Hussein will never again do such things and are trying to assure that his terrorist successors can't either much longer."


terrye said...

I remember reading somewhere that the people of the US were oblivious to what the troops in Korea were dealing with and that the war was just a bummer the public tried not to think about.

But then again people don't want to lose. They just want it to go away.

Syl said...

Well, I think one of the problems in America and Europe is that some of the anti-war crowd truly believe we have evolved ourselves out of war. That war is barbaric and we have become too civilized for that type of behavior.

And they believe all problems could be solved if we all just sat down at a table and talked.


Yes, they believe it. The problem is that our enemies don't.

It takes only one side to make war, but requires two sides to make peace. So making peace is not the symmetrical opposite of going to war.