Koch's hero

Monday, January 01, 2007
Ed Koch has started blogging at the Jerusalem Post and in this entry he talks about his hero:

President George W. Bush, vilified by many, supported by some, is a hero to me.

Why do I say that? It's not because I agree with the President's domestic agenda. It's not because I think he's done a perfect job in the White House.

George Bush is a hero to me because he has courage. The President does what he believes to be in the best interest of the United States. He sticks with his beliefs, no matter how intense the criticism and invective that are directed against him every day.

The enormous defeat President Bush suffered with the loss of both Houses of Congress has not caused him to retreat from his position that the US alone now stands between a radical Islamic takeover of many of the world's governments in the next 30 or more years. If that takeover occurs, we will suffer an enslavement that will threaten our personal freedoms and take much of the world back into the Dark Ages.

Our major ally in this war against the forces of darkness, Great Britain, is still being led by an outstanding prime minister, Tony Blair. However, Blair will soon be set out to pasture, which means Great Britain will leave our side and join France, Germany, Spain and other countries that foolishly believe they can tame the wolf at the door and convert it into a domestic pet that will live in peace with them.

I feel much the same. Bush may not be perfect but between the idiots on the right and left, the malicious press, partisan self serving politicians of all stripes and a bunch of jihadis with delusions of taking over the freaking world..he has done a pretty good job of keeping it together. I doubt if many of his detractors could have managed half as well.

After all sitting in the back seat and saying Are we there yet? every five seconds is a lot easier than driving the damn car.