Fourth Generation Warfare

Monday, April 09, 2007
I've just discovered the best weapon unleashed in the War on Terrorism in a long time: Dennis Miller's brilliant new radio show.


Buddy Larsen said...

Dennis Miller is a great one. Heart & wit, and honesty.

Doug said...

I used to listen to Larry King, until the liberalism overcame my ability to endure.
Wished for a saner sort w/guests.
---Eureka! Miller has Guests Galore.

Have listened to Every Miller Show so far on downloaded Mp3's.

He now has a linear archive list at website.
Find Sinatra, Carvey... whoa, it's changed into an infomercial! Yuck.

Anyway, I think on Fridays show (download Mp3) he had Dan Dreisen on, who worked w/Sinatra for 10 years.
Miller had a GREAT story about his mom, nanny, and he having dinner w/Frank.
Earlier Great shows,
Lyle Lovett,
Rob Lowe,
on and on.

Doug said...

Oh, and a 90 yr old named
"Kirk Douglas"?
Called in!