Is Anyone As Disgusted With Harry Reid As I Am?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Just asking for an opinion.

His assertion, in response to a question by CNN's Dana Bash, he is merely agreeing with Petraeus that the war is lost is the last straw for me:

BASH: The phrase "the war is lost" really touched a nerve.Do you stand by
that — that — that comment?

REID: General Petraeus has said that only 20 percent of the war can be won
militarily. He's the man on the ground there now. He said 80 percent of the war
has to be won diplomatically, economically and politically. I agree with General
Petraeus.Now, that is clear and I certainly believe that.

BASH: But, sir, General Petraeus has not said the war is lost.I just want
to ask you again...

REID: General — General Petraeus has said the war cannot be won militarily.
He said that. And President Bush is doing nothing economically. He is doing
nothing diplomatically. He is not doing even the minimal requested by the Iraq
Study Group.So I — I stick with General Petraeus. I have no doubt that the war
cannot be won militarily, and that's what I said last Thursday and I stick with

Reid's cynicism is breathtaking. Nevada needs to get a grip.


lurker98765 said...

Reid's answers are just as disgusting as his "We lost the war" and "surge isn't working" comments.

lurker98765 said...

btw, I'm having problems with my account...

Anonymous said...

It will be a very long war.

Buddy Larsen said...

Bad, bad, news, that 06 election. Maybe the turning point to a long slow slide to no more America. Oh, well, Southwestistan can always rejoin Mexico.

vnjagvet said...

I was glad to see the VP come out with guns blazing today, but I sure want to see a Senate Republican of some note come out with something that could counteract this crap.

Where are the Republican Lions?

Unfortunately, none come to mind at this time.

I wish McCain would come out and mix it up with Reid even more than he has.

Rick Ballard said...


You need the comparative - is Harry Reid as contemptible as Tom Daschle? Sure. Is he going to suffer Tom's political fate? I'd say 'You bet'.

I remain unimpressed with Petraeus. I see nothing that would cause me to think that he's another Uncle Billy with the will to conduct operations in a manner that would break the insurgents will.

How many of his 'outposts' will he lose to suiciders before he changes tactics? I'm betting not many.

The IA and the IP can break the insurgents in short order. It will be bloodier than Sherman's march but they can do it - and they certainly have the will to do it - if we get out of their way and allow them to.

ambisinistral said...


A while ago the question, "how will we tell when we've won in Iraq" kicked around the blogsphere. In pondering it, I think I know the answer -- when the press is screaming about the bloodthirsty regime we're backing in Baghdad. You're right, whenn the gloves come off of the IA and IP they'll brite force themselves to a decision.

Om topic, Reid is a vile, vile man. I can't even begin to express my disgust for him. Not only in Iraq, but all along the flaming borders of the Umma this fool is giving terrorists and murders hope.

I can't type more, it would just descend into sailor-talk and I'll spare you that.

Anonymous said...


In pondering it, I think I know the answer -- when the press is screaming about the bloodthirsty regime we're backing in Baghdad.

That is what I have been thinking for some time. We see some indications of it happening already.

Habu said...

I sent an email to Senator Reid today.

I'm afraid I failed to follow protocol and call him Honorable etc.
It was a short note calling him a pencil neck geek. Then I just signed my name, no respectfully or any of that crap for his geekness.

I just finished an article by R. Emmett Tyrell of the American Spectator. Interesting. It was a Q&A in Frontpage..

Q: Why did you write this book?
A: I’ve been fascinated with the 1960s generation, and the 1960s generation is now facing its probably great political struggle in ’08. There’s the conservative side, which I have been on all these years, and there’s the left-wing side, which the Clintons and Jean-Francois Kerry and Howard Dean and Al Gore have been on. I’ve followed them from the beginning and I’m convinced that whoever gets the Democrat nomination in ’08 will be giving the left-wing of that generation its last opportunity to lay claim to the identity of the entire generation.

I'm of the boomer generation but have always been a conservative, USMC,CIA(back in the pre-shit days when we were really covert)IBM and Merrill Lynch.
But I think that this '08 election is exactly as described above..this is THE defining election of our generation. If we lose total control to the liberal socialists this nation is finished. I firmly believe that. The 60's radicals are back in full bloom and telling Goebbels BIG LIE over and over.


Habu said...

The Big Lie


Habu said...

'mo Big Lie stuff..the basics..

primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

Buddy Larsen said...

It's not even necessary that "people believe it sooner or later". Sooner or later, people will become so weary they'll go numb, and act as thought they believe, just to get some relief.

"Rule or Ruin!"

vnjagvet said...

I thought the last election was a defining one.

It was.

This one is even more important, IMO.

I hope someone steps up to the plate that can communicate its importance, and execute a plan that works.

One of the major parts of a plan that works is the information campaign here at home.

In WWII, Hollywood, the popular press and the radio industry were solidly behind the effort. There was no other choice.

Is there anyone out there that can approach getting that kind of support?

terrye said...

Yes, I am disgusted with Reid, he is a cynical, bottom feeding parasitic little moron.

Lindsay Graham asked, if we lost who won?

AlQaida I guess, oh but then there is no AlQaida in Iraq is there? It is just a civil war blah blah blah.

If we run from Iraq there is no reason to stay in Afghanistan.

I think Patraeus has shown some potential. I think it is unfair to say that his entire strategy is about outposts. It would be nice if Republicans could refrain from complaining about their own side long enough to concentrate on going after the Democrats.

I did read part of a NYT story about the Iraqis using {shall we say} agressive measures with an electrical cord to get information on where terrorists were hiding. So maybe we are on our way to the bloodthirsty part.

terrye said...


In the last election a conservative Democrat won in my district. He promised he would not do what Reid is doing right now. It seems to me the last election was won by deceiving the public to a large extent.

I think we all want to see the troops come home. No one wants these young people to be in danger or be seperated from their families, but if we abandon this effort and our allies the Democrats might well inherit a ruined White House.

I know life long Democrats who are convinced that Harry Reid has lost his mind. I think they took the polls too seriously, the saw that people were tired of the war and assumed that meant they wanted to just walk away. I doubt if it is that simple.

Habu said...

The Democratic party is incapable of keeping it's word.

Prime example is George HW Bush's campaign mantra of "Read my lips ,no new taxes"

The Dems cut a deal with hime for new taxes in return for an even larger decrease in spending. Bush proposed the new taxes, the Dems passed'em and the reneged on their promise to cut spending.
They never intended to do anything other than lie and get Bush to wealen himself going into the next election, which gave us Slick Willy.

I could cite others but who cares. The general public doesn't remember anything about that episode except "Bush broke HIS promise, not that the Democrats broke multiple promises to get him in that position.

The Democrats are a true threat to this country. They are now trying to usurp Executive power clearly defined in the Constitution with regard to the President being Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.
Clinton took foreign campaign money from the Chinese and sold them secret military use hardwar and software. His National Security Advisor stole and destroyed TOP SECRET and CODENAME material.

If they win in '08 the big push will be to disarm the American public. Count on it, for they know that with the electorate split approximately 50/50 concervative and liberal-commie that we conservatives pose a threat to their future plans to sell out the US.

Habu said...


If by circumstance they come for my guns, they will have to, as the saying goes, Pry them from my cold dead fingers.

I will not go peacefully into the night, nor take a walk to the Democrats inhilation/shower therapy rooms.

I've read the Constitution too many times and happened to get straight A's in Constitutional Law in grad school, Political Science.

Plus I once walk, walked mind you to the top of the Washington Monument and I watch "24" with Jack Bauer.

Sissy Willis said...

I call him the Funeral Director in Chief.

vnjagvet said...

Sissy -- that is priceless. He indeed is in the wrong profession.

Embalming seems like just the right vocation choice.

He missed his calling.

richard mcenroe said...

"Plus I once walk, walked mind you to the top of the Washington Monument..."

On the inside or the outside?

Buddy Larsen said...

I read somebody say, re that toilet paper woman, "They'll have to pry my toilet paper from my cold brown fingers".

vnjagvet said...

Terrye is right. The center got fooled by the dems this go round.

With the presidential cast of characters, I don't think it will be fooled again.