French Election Results

Sunday, April 22, 2007

So, where do the Bayrou and Le Pen voters go two weeks from now? Everyone to the right of Sarkozy in the graphic is on the left, well, except for maybe Le Pen, who is something of a national leftist. Hey, looks like someone got the sides reversed! It looks like the pre-election polls were pretty accurate, so we will probably get a good idea of the runoff results before the voters vote.

h/t : No Pasaran


MeaninglessHotAir said...

Is a "national leftist" akin to a "national socialist"? Surely these results drastically expose the terrible inadequacy of our political lexicon. Methinks there's more to the world than "left" and "right", "conservative" and "liberal", "socialist" and "capitalist" Horatio.

chuck said...

Think of it as a binary tree, string enough adjectives together and you can classify anything. For instance, according to the graph, M.G. Buffet is right-left-left-left. Simple, eh!

terrye said...

I had heard that LePen was a rightie.

chuck said...

Well, Le Pen is anti-capitalist and anti-American, so in that sense he is on the left. On the other hand, he is anti-semitic and anti-immigrant, so in that sense he is a nationalist. Really, he is just a modern fascist, or national progressive, if you will ;) From an article before the last runoff between Le Pen and Chirac (God, what a choice!)

The man talks about "internment camps" or "transit camps" for illegal immigrants and "special trains" to carry them out of France. He designates himself nudgingly as a David fighting Goliath, and, half a breath later, more mockingly, as a nightmare bogeyman here to scare the hell out of, nudge, you know who.
The commies, the Masons (those secret plotters), big business, international capitalism, and Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, a converted Jew who is now archbishop of Paris, are in league against him, he has said. Is there an Islam problem, too? "Yes, of course." Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite? Umm, O.K., but, he goes on, they "ought to be based on much more creative values, notably those that Vichy" — France's Nazi-collaborationist regime — "borrowed from St. Eloi, that is, work, family, nation."

terrye said...

He sounds like a French Huey Long.