Lookin' Out My Front Door

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

After Sunday's hailstorm. Still too early for locusts....


Habu said...

Well, it looks pretty. I hope your house and car sustained no damage, unless they "needed" damage.

I use to live in Southern California and when the Santa Ana winds would blow out of the desert toward LA everybody that needed a new paint job on their car would head towards Palm Springs at 90mph, sandblasting the paint right off the car and into higher auto insurance premiums for all of us.

I believe at one point Joan Rivers opened up her sunroof and got a headstart on a dermabrasion as she stood up on the front seat.

Knucklehead said...

Very pretty neighborhood! (Well, the part near your driveway anyway.)

You got some (hail)stones there, pard. I got stuck in one them thar stone storms in CO once while riding a motorcycle. It was not a pleasant experience. Got stuck in a locust storm atop a motorcycle out there also. That was even worse. Locusts don't taste very good.