The Ones That Got Away

Sunday, April 01, 2007
I've put up some really bad photos here at Flares but I think I've put a small number of good ones. I had a good one or three for y'all but they got away. I just couldn't get them out of the camera. A week or so ago I unplugged the darned thing from the USB port without ejecting it and it told me something like, "You may have just f*cked up big time!" It was correct. I put some serious effort into it but I just couldn't recover them.

But anyway... If you haven't been, but somehow life presents the opportunity, go to Our Nation's Capitol when the cherry blossoms are somewhere near their peak. Just freakin' do it. You'll witness something gaia-honest gorgeous with roughly 150K or your closest friends. I had a Washington monument pic to die for. I had a couple others I was pretty darned happy with - Smithsonian (the old building) and My Man Jeff. I'm a little pissed since it's All My Fault. Oh well.