Withdrawal? Not so fast

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
lurker, a commenter over at Strata Sphere notes the following poll in a comment thread about the Reid's back up cut the funding the bill:

I still don’t like polls but here they are!!

A Bloomberg poll last month found that 61% of Americans believe withholding funding for the war is a bad idea, while only 28% believe it is a good idea.

According to a March USA Today/Gallup poll, 61% of Americans oppose “denying the funding needed to send any additional troops to Iraq.”

That poll also showed that only 20% of Americans want to withdraw the troops immediately.

Public Opinion Strategies (POS) recently reported that a majority of voters (54%) oppose the Democrats imposing a reduction in troops below the level military commanders requested.

A POS poll in February found that 59% of voters believe pulling out of Iraq immediately would do more to harm America’s reputation in the world than staying until order is restored.

That POS poll also finds 57% of voters support staying in Iraq until the job is finished and “the Iraqi government can maintain control and provide security for its people.”

According to a Time magazine poll also taken in March, only 32% want to withdraw the troops within the next year no matter what happens.

Speaks volumes for the mandate that the Democrats DO NOT understand. They’re heading in the WRONG direction.


lurker said...

Thanks for posting it here! And it's true! :)

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