Freedom to Tinker » Blog Archive » Miracle Fruit: Tinkering with our Taste Buds

Thursday, May 03, 2007
Freedom to Tinker » Blog Archive » Miracle Fruit: Tinkering with our Taste Buds

Makes sour things sweet. Really.

"The grapefruit was stunning, perhaps the best-tasting fruit I have ever eaten. The ones we had were pretty sweet already as grapefruit go, but with miraculin they were distinctly but not overly sweet, and the underlying grapefruit flavor came through beautifully. I had to stop myself from wolfing down several grapefruit."


Anonymous said...

I knew this rang a bell. A bit of history from the Wall Street Journal.

Possumtater said...

Nows doun heya in da bog we gets da muscadine and sum cane mostly we has ta goes inta da towns and like ta raid da trash.
i once got me a grren thang dat was hot hot but din i founded sum old noodles and a apple tart. it be gud,gud.
well i be go'in now time for my squeeze "HoneysuckleTater" to be gets back frum da dump...good eats ta nite

Anonymous said...

Moon Pies and Dr. Pepper again? Fine by me.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, that would be breakfast.

Knucklehead said...

Folks who take meds often have to give up grapefruit. It's a cryin' shame, that's what it is.

loner said...

I had to give up grapefruit, which I like just the way it is.

I lost 25 pounds in the hope I wouldn't have to go on a no-grapefruit drug. Didn't happen and I promptly gained back 10.

On the other hand, apples of every variety taste better longer in Washington. These days my lunch often consists of an apple.


Anonymous said...

You bet they do.

Rick Ballard said...

I'll know for sure very shortly.