Habu says -

Thursday, May 03, 2007
We're a year a a half away from the election. The Clinton Machine hasn't even established it's WAR ROOM yet.

Sure Obama 'yo Momma is the dandy now but just wait until the Clinton chipper shredder gets fired up on the take him down now setting. He'll be g-o-n-e.

Hillary hasn't been working on this centrist-kinder-gentler-I-love-the-military pose for nothing.
It's probably taken some strong pills and psychotherapy for her to do it but she badly wants the POWER. It might mean a trip to Fort Marcy Park for Obama but that's politics.

Also it is rare when a US Senator is elected to the Presidency. Last one that comes to mind was LBJ and he first ascended over the dead body of JFK, so he was technically voted in as a sitting President..But before that? Yep JFK, with a good deal of help from the dead of Cooke County ,Ill. and Richard Daly. And before that you have to go back to Warren G Harding. That's the full list folks Kennedy and Harding straight from the Senate to the WH.

Yep, I'll be a world beater for Obama Heussin, a first term Senator to make it to the WH.

In fact I understand Hillary is already trying to hire a NJ state trooper to become Obama's driver.


John Sadowski said...

take one 'e' from 'Cooke' and put it in 'Daly'

Cook, Daley.