Rice Calls For Bush To Resign

Wednesday, May 02, 2007
That would be very hard to believe, wouldn't it?

The equivalent is happening in Israel. Tzipi Livni holds the portfolio of Foreign Minister in Olmert's cabinet. Her call for his resignation may be somewhat less than a sterling example of principle over personal political gain.

You see, she didn't call for elections and she appears quite ready to throw her support behind the person she feels best qualified to lead the shabby Kadima coalition. She has examined the person and found no fault or blemish that would be a hindrance to being the Prime Minister.

The paragon's name? Why, Tzipi Livni, of course. Who else?


Meanwhile, over in Turkey, the Constitutional Court weighed the issues involved in Gul's grab for the Presidency very carefully. After a thorough and complete examination, the court voted to uphold the majority the Army's wishes. You really can't fault the logic in that one. No, really, you can't. Life is too sweet and too short as it is.

Oh, the AQ guy in Iraq who has been in the news is definitely dead.

Or alive.


Habu said...

Earlier tonight on FOX, commentator and essayist, Charles Krauthammer, M.D. (psychiatry) outlines the salient... Olhmert's time is over..a few days, perhaps a week. The question is can Livi hold the current government together or will new election be called and BeBe elected.
Charles continued to observe that the recently released report on the Lebanese War was the most damning ever produced after a war in israel's history and that it was only the first half of the report. The remainder of the report is due in July/Aug timeframe and will contain personal recommendations, interpretted by the good Dr. as a call for Olhmert to step aside..He won't make it that long.
Thus, if we are lucky here in the USA, BeBe will be elected and Israel can start to kick some ME but, beginning with Persian butt.

Rick Ballard said...


I agree that Olmert is finished but why do you think Bibi would win? Israel has the socialist disease far worse than we do - maybe worse than Europe. Remember - Clinton sent his dogs, Carville, Greenberg and Schrum over in '99 to get Barak elected and they did.

Israel still hasn't recovered. Is Livni working with/for Clinton?

I sure hope Bibi wins but that's a chick I won't count until I see it hatched.

vnjagvet said...

Either she has not read Churchill's bio or has chosen to ignore his successful approach to the situation he was presented with after the Nazis invaded Poland.

Chamberlain was then on the ropes, and Churchill was his natural successor.

Churchill went to the well and defended Chamberlain as only he could do.

The result was that nature took its course, Chamberlain was sacked and Churchill became Prime Minister by acclamation.

Rick Ballard said...

Maybe there's a "first rat off" prize involved?

I just can't read Israeli politics at all. I know that Halutz promised Olmert a clean kill on Nasrullah and it really bugs me that Israeli intelligence didn't have its homework done. When they missed the sure shot, why didn't they hang it up?

It will be interesting to see how big the demonstrations are tomorrow.

Intrade has Sark over Royal at 4 to 1. I can't believe that la belle Fwance is drifting right.

Habu said...

My BeBe winning is more a desire than a correct reading of the chicken entrails.
I believe the Israeli's know they need a tough guy, a war leader cause it's coming to them after they take out Iran. Hopefully with our help. They've now had two girly men as leaders and unless the wantNEVER AGAIN to become BOHICA then they'll get BeBe in the right chair.

France and Sarkozy..gosh I hope so, and once again it may be French vanity that does it. The riots in the arrondissements that are Muslim have awakened more French to the fact that they need to repopulate Algeria with Algeria's native sons and daughters.