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Friday, September 14, 2007

A forest the size of Sweden obliterated.

Subprime woes by state.

Why the violin is hard to play.

50 tips for frugal living.

Flight to quality in financial markets.

Running away with the Internet.

Wages rising in China.

Capitalism without financial failure is socialism for the rich.

13 steps to buying a car.

Lucky Imaging takes better images of stars than Hubble, but does it from the Earth. There is a good explanation here.

Eric's favorite math jokes.

Grow your own heart valves.

Hotel prices compared.

Top 10 back-to-school tools for the organized student.

Why myths persist.


Doug said...

Charles Ferguson, a filmmaker, presents a rebuttal to claims made by L. Paul Bremer III that top American officials approved the decision to disband the Iraqi army.
ht Ash


Bob Hawkins said...

My favorite math joke (credit Jerry Bona):

"The Axiom of Choice is obviously true; the Well Ordering Principle is obviously false; and who can tell about Zorn's Lemma?"

It's a joke because all three are logically equivalent; and it's funny because all three are intuitively true.

And it's my favorite because it tells you something important about intuition.