A Thousand Words Worth

Friday, September 14, 2007

Paunch Sulzberger has taken the Times into waters unvisited since January '97. There aren't many CEO's who are allowed to stay at the helm during the transformation of their mighty ship into a puny submarine. Losing more than 62% of a large public companies value is reserved to only those companies owned by families which are too dumb (or too cowed) to make an obviously necessary change. The Sulzberger family richly deserves the reduction in value of their holdings and it can only be hoped that they are obstinate enough to allow Panch to complete the total destruction.

Go get 'em, Ponch, you're definitely the right man for the job.


Doug said...

Rush was mulling why there is no Mo Dowd, to speak of.

He guessed it might be the fee for column feature, could be, all I know is I have not read a single one of the "Premium" columns since that brilliant move was made.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

For some families, there comes a point where money just isn't the point anymore. It's the meaningfulness of it all!

Barry Dauphin said...

Whoa...at first I thought the graph was a belated correction from Michael Mann on his Hockey Stick. Back to reality....it's just Pinch's handiwork.

chuck said...

Look at the dates, the latest decline began just as the surge kicked off. Draw your own conclusions.

It's the meaningfulness of it all!

Are you saying they need to rediscover the meaning of money?