Sunday Links

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Russian bombers in NATO airspace.

40 unusual web sites.

Segway crime-fighting.

Are relational databases obsolete?

Wheat would have been your best bet.

The Volvo plugin hybrid unveiled. Maybe competition can start to drive the prices down to the point that these beasts make economic sense.

The cheap way to get your Matrix cravings satisfied.

The 7 habits of highly ineffective people.

The knucklehead's guide to Jpeg compression.

The Soviet doomsday device is still armed and ready and run by a 1970's vintage computer.

Microsoft announces Linux support of Silverlight (Mac support previously announced).

The art of burning man.

Live nukes over America.

Chinese hackers get into British departments too.

Chavez buys rifles with night vision and pantomimes shooting US servicemen and women.


Barry Dauphin said...

Great links again!