Horsehockey Stick

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit provides a nice graph for the idiots assembled at Bali to peruse as they decide how best to slay the dreaded AGW chimera. It will be interesting to watch the World's Greatest Deliberative Body make a collective ass of itself later this week as it, too, jousts in earnest with the dreaded beast. Not that this week will be extraordinarily different than any other week but the graph provides a very nice counterpoint to the dystopians seeking to control the world's economy using a hoax that will eventually be classified as falling between the Piltdown Man and Lysenkoism.

Roger Pielke continues to conduct climate science and has re-opened his blog. He provides another nice counterpoint to the Mannomatic hockey stick replicator (with 4-barrel data enHansenizer) that climatologists find as useful to their "art" as were the charts produced by phrenologists in their hay day.