They are among us still

Thursday, December 20, 2007
My Better Two-Thirds, during the course of her work yesterday, met and spent some time with an elderly gentleman who sported a tattoo he'd gotten here. He had only recently moved to the US to be near his daughter - the last of his family. May he find peace among us.


Skookumchuk said...

When I was growing up in LA, the neighbor family across the street included a grandma then probably in her 70s who had a tattoo on her forearm from Buchenwald. Her grandson who was my age told me that a guard had beaten her face in with a shovel. She was a nice, kindly lady.

And much later, I realized there was nothing better than a little real life to complement my history textbooks and the old war movies.

vnjagvet said...

Just think, even the youngest person who has that kind of tatoo must be at least 62 years old.