Where You At?

Friday, December 14, 2007
Jay Cost today takes a look at where the candidates for the Republican Party nomination to be President of the United States have been and draws some conclusions regarding the strategies adopted by some of them. This put me in mind of what I wrote elsewhere a couple of days ago:
It's hard to see how the cash thing (Huckabee has a lot less) doesn't apply in this quarter and yet a look at the Rasmussen weekly numbers on daily tracking shows Huckabee at 6% on 10/8 and 21% on 12/10 and it's mostly at Thompson's expense.

Thompson's people know that their strategy, whatever it was, has failed. Iowa is important. So, it appears, has Romney's, but, again, until actual votes are cast and counted all one can do is watch and evaluate because no campaign is going to make it easy to figure out their strategy and its effectiveness if they can find any way to keep from doing so.
It's been decades since I've so enjoyed observing the political. It's been one entertaining read and view after another since the Republicans went on CNN a couple of weeks ago. The commentariat and the campaigns are all in an uproar because the debates are idiotic, the candidates are mediocre, Iowa is unworthy, the polling is wrong, etc. Same old, same old. What's not to love?

So, where you at? I'm in Washington state. A four month caucus process to select convention delegates for both major parties begins here on February 9th. Ten days later there is a primary. Some Republican delegates will be selected as a result. I'll probably declare myself a Republican for the day and vote for Giuliani or McCain depending on my mood.

It was only a little over a month ago that I wrote here:
Personally, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we see a repeat of Illinois in 2004 where Obama just stays out of his own way and lets his opponents bump up against themselves, one another and him until they come apart. Of course, I'm not carrying it so far as to suggest that the Republican Party will turn to Alan Keyes in its moment of need. Not with Ron Paul available.
So much fun to see Alan Keyes join the mix this week and so amusing to watch as the young guy's path became clearer and clearer through these past 31 days. 31 more days of the same, please.

Where YOU at?

I came back and did it the way blogger likes. I don't enjoy blogger.


Rick Ballard said...

"Where YOU at?"

The point of realizing that with six more days to the solstice I'm already yearning for a little more sunshine. I'll give Huckabee some thought when he raises more than 20% of what Paul has raised to date. Ponnuru can flail away for the moment. I think that NR made a little mistake in throwing in with Romney this early in the game.

We've miles and miles to go.

loner said...

Miles and miles and many diverging roads (and maybe even a rabbit hole or two) if all goes well.

loner said...

Oh, and the sun just came out down here. Naturally. Why else would I have such a vicious sinus headache today.