Where are the life boats?

Monday, December 17, 2007
Remember the inspector general of SIGIR warning about the instability of the Mosul Dam? Remember various papers publicizing the warning. Well, look who else was paying attention.

“Some 250 armed men have entered Nineveh Province with the aim of detonating the Mosul Dam,” one source said.

BTW, SIGIR was set up by congress to oversee and investigate the reconstruction in Iraq and they have been quite popular on the left for their exposures. But now Inspector General Stuart Bowen and his deputy Ginger Cruz are being investigated by the FBI. Oddly, some of the left now blame Bush for this Congressional chimera, the usual cross of a Republican with a Democrat. But party probably pales beside the opportunity to enhance bureaucratic vitae in explaining the behavior of SIGIR.

Anyway, pay attention.