New adoption?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nah. The dang thing keeps coming in through the cat flap and I'm getting tired of throwing it out. I could sure use a little localized global warming about now so the heat seeking critter would stay outdoors. The historical roots of this common situation are explored here.


Seneca the Younger said...

New adoption.

Knucklehead said...

The "Dang Thang" enters when it pleases and parks upon some warm and expensive looking plaid thingie. No doubt you feed it. 'taint leavin' any time soon, not for good anyway.

Have you pondered a name other than "Dang Thang"?

You might also want to investigate whether or not some family has recently moved or gone on vacation or somesuch. Dang Thang does not appear neglected.

BTW, don't you have a pacel (or two) of other cats?

chuck said...

Hi Knuck,

Yeah, I suspect Da Thing belonged to someone, its too tame and well fed to be feral, but I haven't seen anyone looking for it. It started hanging around about three months ago and has had a few squabbles with a feral cat who also hangs about. The true feral also sneaks in now and then, but stays darn near invisible and skedaddles whenever I'm around.

I do have two cats, one about 18 and getting near the end, the other about 7 and in the prime of life. Both are female, but they have totally different personalities. The older one hates strangers and faces off and growls at Da Thing. The other is solitary, but also the most equable cat I've ever seen, she isn't bothered by other cats unless they give her shit. Then she fights like the dickens and has the scars and notched ear to show for it. She's rough on the vet, too, and won't abide the thermometer.

The expensive looking plaid thingee is a cheap throw to collect cat crud. Its easier to toss it in the wash than try to vacuum up all the hairs, mud, and odd scraps of leaves and wood they track in.

vnjagvet said...

The spitting image of my Ella, but with a whole tail.

Ella, black as coal, was found in a box on the side of the road by two of my daughters coming back from school and brought home to join the other foundlings here. She is now best friends with our large English Bulldog, Buster, and shows no signs of leaving.

greenconsciousness said...

I love you for being kind to the wanderer - make sure he she is neutered - one vet trip and you're set for life. And maybe you could live trap the feral - neuter it and keep it in till it is healed and then let it go. I myself have found ferals well worth the trouble. The local Humane So will lend you a live-trap. See this site if you have a fenced back yard: