6024 Islamic terror attacks since 9/11

Friday, October 06, 2006
No doubt you have seen the buttons at many blogs pointing to the Religion of Peace site and its running tally of Islamic terror attacks. But, if you're like me, you've always wondered what is really represented by this figure and how much of it is a count of the almost daily (and arguably often more tribal than Islamic) bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, a new blogger in his first post is providing some insightful analysis of the RoP figure. And just six months ago, this guy was believing what the BBC and the Guardian were feeding him!


chuck said...

...and then to discover that you have been in fact – one can only suppose deliberately - kept in utter ignorance is truly a shock to the system.

And there I was this morning, having a bowl of cereal in the hotel breakfast room with CNN on the screen. "Afghanistan Victory?" or some such with the question mark, was the caption. On the screen was year old footage from Fallujah. CNN isn't a news channel, it is a deceptive mouthpiece for enemy propaganda. And by the enemy I mean the Left.

Knucklehead said...

Sir Henry has done one heck of a job with his first effort. Nice to see another person get free of the propaganda machinery.

There's a ton of information there to digest.

Coisty said...

I wonder how many Americans have been killed by Mexicans and other Third World colonists since 9/11. Given the propensity for Hispanics to drink and drive and kill I suspect the number is far greater than the mere 3000 toll we are given for 9/11. Unfortunately neocons are exclusively interested in victims of ISlam. Gee, I wonder why?

Not only that, neocons are not interested in how we got to the point where we are almost willing victims of non-Christian, non-white aggression. I guess it's best not to mention Marx, Freud, Boas, Frankfurt school, and all the other alien forms of aggression that we white Christians have been subjected to for the last century. Yet now neocons want us to suddenly rediscover who we are and fight Islam - and only Islam. Let's just be casual bigots and blame everything on Muslims even though they are just the latest invaders of our lands and intellectual space. What led us to this place? Don't ask or you to will be called a bigoted Nazi by the neocon leftists.

truepeers said...

Well Coisty, I certainly think that the entire tradition of western gnosticism (the fantasy ideologies of the left) are largely and primarily to blame for the mess we're in. Islam, because it has proved an economic and scientific failure, can be nothing but an opportunistic infection in relation to western decline.

But some might say I'm still a neocon in outlook. However, what I really think is that those who would pit traditionalist conservatism vs neoconservatism are often guilty of ignoring what new mode of the sacred can possibly transcend the two. Do you really think either neoconservatism or traditionalism is sufficient unto itself?

Syl said...


Thanks for your non sequitor.

Now go read the data. This has nothing to do with 'attacks against Americans' but with the worldwide jihad.