A new paradigm in climate change about to burst on scene?

Saturday, October 07, 2006
Recent experiment suggests the real source of climate change may be in the stars, man.

And if it turns out that humans have very little to do with global warming, what might be the effect on the misanthropic victimary ideologies of our time? Could they survive the news that modern consumer man and the leading nations are not to blame?


Syl said...

This would be yet another paradigm shift. It's not only not about us, it's not about our planet, it's not about our sun, it's not even about our solar system nor our galaxy.

Bob Hawkins said...

They'll just ignore it. They're already ignoring results which definitively disprove the global warming models. (The satellite measurements of tropospheric temperatures. The mechanism by which carbon dioxide is supposed to cause surface warming, requires that the troposphere warm between 1 and 2 times as much as the surface. But in fact it warms less. Ergo, the surface warming is not due to the carbon dioxide mechanism.) Once you've started ignoring reality, why would you stop?