L'Affaire Foley": The Evidence

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
The evidence has been dribbling out (no pun intended).

But so far it seems like Foley's sex life with former pages was adolescent and pitiful.

The actual incriminating documents are several series of instant messages. The more recent emails, it now appears, were innocuous.

One series (2003) took place from approximately 7:25PM to 8:15PM. During that time, messages were exchanged every few minutes. Another similar series took place on another evening, and like the first contained a string of messages over a period of time. The lingo could be best described as the type of risque talk that can be heard on advertisements for phone sex. e.g. MMMMM horney? me too.

This silly banter between a 50 something man and a teenager is pretty lame.

Clear from the context of the messages is the geographic distance between Foley and the "victim", and the fact that the "victim" was no longer working in Congress.

Our tolerant and liberal friends on the left side of the aisle are hard at work on conservative websites trying to make the case that criticism of Mssrs. Studds, Franks, Clinton and the noted Mel Reynolds necessitates the political death sentence for Foley and anyone in his party.

The evidence simply fails to make out the case.


terrye said...

Our liberal friends need to shut because the more they talk the worse they make it for themselves as well.

There is someothing so self righteous about the Demcoratci response i could gag.

Remember Gary Condit? The man has an affaair with a young intern who ends up dead and still Nancy Pelosi supports him in his office. No demands sofr resignation or anything sill like that.

Now the lady is saying all Republicans must pay for this incident. What hypocrites.

Well like they say, Clinton lied but nobody died.

David Thomson said...

The Mark Foley fiasco is starting to hurt Democrats. More people are learning that it is highly unusual for anyone to save instant messages. One has to deliberately take the time and effort to get their computer to do this. It never even dawned on me that it was possible! The former page was most likely setting Foley up. Lastly, why wasn’t the congressman outed late last year? Weren’t his accusers worried about the safety of the still employed pages? Why were they left in jeopardy---other then for reasons of political expediency?

Dennis Hastert would have been vilified had he “persecuted” Foley because of the relatively innocuous e-mails. He would have minimally been charged with gay bashing. Andrew Sullivan and others would have made his life miserable.

Knucklehead said...

adolescent and pitiful

Thank you, vnjagvet, for hitting that nail straight on the head. I've typed hundreds of words on this topic trying to find the proper words for what it seems to be. That's exactly what - at least to the point known so far - Foley's behavior was. We don't need adolescent and pitiful people in our government although it is quite clear we've survived them as high as POTUS.

Foley deserved to be ridden out of town. But stretching adolescent and pitiful to try and seem like the political crisis and scandal of the year is a bit much.

The Dems (and a goodly portion of the "conservatives") really need to get a grip. The more they scream about this the more adolescent and pitiful they look.

The "children" were, perhaps, embarassed and aghast and maybe even frightened. "Endangered" or "molested" is a stretch given the current evidence.

Knucklehead said...

BTW, Thomas Lifson at American Thinker seems to have put the proper word to Foley's sickness: Ephobophilia.

Fresh Air said...

Anyone who has spent any time at all around homosexuals will note this tendency towards immature behavior.

Grown homosexual men often act like eighth-graders. (This guy, it seems, had a thing for eight-graders, but still.)

Come to think of it, I haven't heard anything from Saint Andrew on this story yet.

I was so hoping he could give us his personal insight about the efficacy of instant messages.