An unexpected effect of globalization

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 least, I didn't expect it - but it seems so obvious in retrospect. We've all heard that the American education system is a shambles, that our students leave school unable to compete in the world economy. The only proposals I've ever heard for fixing this situation are focused on changing things here - more teachers, different teaching methods, less social promotion, and on and on.

But what about this? The Amateur Economist and Curmudgeon has this post up referencing an apparently growing industry - cross border tutoring, over the internet, at $2.50 an hour.

It's ingenious. Now parents can do an end run around the education system by providing one-on-one tutoring for their children, regardless of how busy (or uneducated) the parents themselves might be.

And this isn't a boon only for students needing extra help. The opportunity for top students - the ones that languish in the classroom as the teachers go over the same material again and again - is incredible. An array of tutors at your child's fingertips, within the budget of the average family, available day or night.

Tutoring from half a globe away. This internet thing is pretty cool.


Syl said...

I taught classes online for two years and had students from several countries. It was great!

Yeah, globalization works all ways and on many levels.

Another 'unexpected' effect of globalization is the movement of NGO's towards free trade. Wouldathunkit ten years ago.

truepeers said...

Indians teaching Americans English?

Indubitably, I see a jolly interesting future for the children.

I wonder what the ratio of educated and underemployed Indians to struggling American students is. I expect the prices for Indian tutoring can only go up...

Knucklehead said...

ChicagoBoyz had a somewhat extensive thread, Education Arbitrage, about this a couple days ago.

The internet does, indeed, move things in mysterious ways.

Perhaps we should start an over/under pool about when the NEA cranks up a political push to start bleating about the "outsourcing" of education jobs.

truepeers said...


Wrong link. I believe this is it

Luther McLeod said...

Totally OT

But I think you folks will enjoy.

A Letter from a Marine

I miss it.