Liberty Mutual - Huh?

Sunday, October 08, 2006
Liberty Mutual started an ad campaign with the theme 'Responsibility - What's your policy?' last June. From the blurb about the campaign:

The new campaign expresses the responsibility theme through actions of ordinary people doing small, but responsible things to make every day life a little bit better.

I think I've seen a couple of them over the past few months, though I don't watch network television at all so miss the targeted programs. But I don't remember the ads I've seen so I guess they didn't make too much of an impression.

But today I just saw one of them on MSNBC and in it there is Tim Russert, from 2003, I think pre-war, didn't catch the exact date, interviewing Cheney. Russert asks if the American people are prepared for a long war if this doesn't go well. Cheney answers something about the greeted by flowers thing. ::grin::

Then comes the message: Responsibility - What's your policy?

I was shocked, actually.

How does one boycott an insurance company? Good grief. What should I make of this?

But, as a matter of fact, the Iraqis were grateful for the liberation. Just because there was an insurgency and al Qaeda jihadis flocked to Iraq doesn't mean the majority of Iraqi's resented what we did for them. All those purple fingers belie the lie the Left tries to shove down our throats. It was the inability to quell the insurgency, and the mayhem thrust upon the Iraqi people by the jihadis blowing them up that interfered with reconstruction and caused so much unease among the people of Iraq and eroded much of the goodwill.


Rick Ballard said...

Are you sure you didn't catch a political ad or a spoof? Here are the Liberty Mutual ads from their campaign and I don't see Tim Russert in any of them.

Syl said...

Well, it was MSNBC so could have been a spoof. But if it was Liberty Mutual should sue the pants of MSNBC because it sure looked legit to me.