ChiComs Massing on Yalu

Sunday, October 08, 2006
I think I've read that before. One might note that both the CIA and MacArthur missed the call on whether they would cross. It looks like we can all start guessing again.

Honest Abe's declaration in Peking that:
"We agreed that a nuclear weapon test by North Korea cannot be tolerated. We need to prevent a nuclear North Korea."
appears to be a green light to Chairman Hu Jintao to give it his best shot. It may also have been a notice to China that "if you don't off this nutter, we will". It's not as if Japan doesn't remember how to get to Korea.

Interesting times.

UPDATE: Upon reflection, there is a good possibility that the ChiCom troops have been moved to the Yalu to shoot refugees from North Korea in the event that China suspends all oil deliveries to North Korea. The cheapest way for China to force submission is to cut off the oil. As the North Koreans begin freezing it would be natural for them to try and escape. China really doesn't have a need for more peasants.


Syl said...

Is the crisis over for now? I thought I heard that Kim said they weren't going to do any test?

Rick Ballard said...

Abe's visit to Peking is still on top of Yahoo and Google and I don't see a bcakdown story on Kim, Syl. Do you remember where you saw it?

vnjagvet said...

Looks like Hu's on first at last;>)

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Hmmm. We'll see.

What would stop Chinese troops from going all the way into S. Korea?

If N. Korea gets the bomb, we'll have to let S. Korea and Japan get it too.

Syl said...


I get most of my news from TV. I go online for follow up, analysis, and stuff that the news missed.


NoKo is saying it conducted a test.

Syl said...

Breaking News
North Korea says nuclear test successful
AP - 10 minutes ago

SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea said Monday it has performed its first-ever nuclear weapons test. The country's official Korean Central News Agency said the test was performed successfully and there was no radioactive leakage from the site.