A Marine's View of Iraq

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Luther tipped us off in comments to this great letter posted at Maggie's Farm.


vnjagvet said...

It is a great letter. It reminds me of a lot of things, many of which happened nearly forty years ago.

But overall, it sounds more positive than 40 years ago, despite its worldly-wise tone.

I particularly liked the parts about the disruptive VIP visits and the tenacity of the Iraqis who continue to man the police forces of Anbar.

Knucklehead said...

Wow! That is a powerful document. I started out thinking I'd collect what seemed highlights to me. I gave up. It is entirely highlights which, when I'd finished, I realized was exactly what was intended.

It was powerful enough that I got teary eyed at the part about the dogtags. I was lucky enough never to witness a round fired in anger. I was unlucky enough to see a friend's dogtags lying in a pool of splat on the floor of a tank. It is not possible to explain how much that hurts.

I do, however, agree with vnjagvet in noting the disruptiveness of the Seagulls and the worthiness of the Iraqi police.

I suspect some of you have noticed that I do not invoke the name of God often. Hardly ever. God bless these young men. Please.

Luther McLeod said...

This link sorta segues into the other:

Another Reason for Why We Fight