To be or dhimmi?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
The American Thinker has a story on dhimmitude and redemption in American publishing: a book withdrawn from publication because of fear of Muslims, followed by interest from other publishers.

WC at Infidel Bloggers Alliance tells us about a Jihadist movement to shut down anti-Islam websites. Who's their next target?

And, as Mark Steyn notes, there are many in the west who will no longer defend freedom of speech: "there’s very little difference between living under Exquisitely Refined Multicultural Sensitivity and sharia." And so, soon it will be everyone's choice to play dhimmi or fight.

Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, provides a model for those who will fight:
Howard has launched a scathing attack on Australia's left-wing intelligentsia, questioning its loyalty to the nation over the past decades.

In a speech delivered last night for the 50th anniversary of the conservative magazine Quadrant, Mr Howard said the left had a history of denigrating the nation and was now doing the same with the war in Iraq, describing Islamic terrorism as the new tyranny.

He said Australian universities were still breeding leftists and described pro-communists of decades past as “ideological barrackers for regimes of oppression opposed to Australia and its interests”

UPDATE: a fine example of multiculti oppression, via Pastorius:
Amber Mangum was a frequent reader during lunch breaks at her Prince George's County middle school, silently soaking up the adventures of Harry Potter and other tales in the spare minutes before afternoon classes. The habit was never viewed as a problem -- not, a lawsuit alleges, until the book she was reading was the Bible.

A vice principal at Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School in Laurel last month ordered Amber, then 12, to stop reading the Bible or face punishment, according to a lawsuit filed Friday by Amber's mother. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, alleges that the vice principal's actions violated the girl's civil rights... According to Mangum and the lawsuit, Rainey told Amber that reading the Bible violated school policy and that she would face discipline if she continued to do so.


Knucklehead said...

As Mark Steyn noted there's little real difference between the vision the Leftists have for the world and that of the salafists. More colorful dress, perhaps.

Rick Ballard said...

Most of the leftists would look better in burkhas though.

I wish the AT writer had mentioned the two American publishers who expressed an interest. A few letters of support might get the book published.

truepeers said...


Frighteningly, the left is becoming less and less colorful and more mentally ill. I don't want to make fun of the ill, but check out these photos especially the guy in the goatee and "F--- Bush" shirt and ask yourself if mandatory burkas for everyone might not be an improvement, a lighter fascism if you will.

truepeers said...

Heh, I posted before I saw Rick was also thinking burkas - it must be in the air or something.

Syl said...

And the left would be totally silent if Amber was reading the Koran.

Knucklehead said...


The guy you pointed to and the red-headed bird's nest dude with the hammer and sickle "Strike - Just do it!" shirt do make your case rather well.

I feel it important to point out, however, that there is some evidence (or at least some analysis) of the muzzie splodeydopes that suggests there's a strong element of pent up sexual energy in their frantic need to kill somebody.

If you look through those pictures again it is somewhat obvious that portions of moonbat behavior serve a useful, albeit dubious, purpose.