Townhouse or Ritz?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
A forests official said: "We have now formed a team of 30 people armed with crackers to try and chase away the [grieving, angry, and violent males], as they are out to avenge the death of their mate."

Your latrec is too loose and the tusks are looser! (ht: PJM)


Syl said...

I don't think this is one bit funny. Elephants have a very cohesive social structure, understand the loss of death, cooperate to help each other when one is in trouble and, yes, avenge harm to one of their own--as strange as that may sound to those who think humans anthropomorphize rather than understand how much like animals humans think and behave.

Villagers have been 'warring' with elephants for a few decades now and I have read many stories of tragedy concerning both elephants and villagers.

There have been efforts to move elephants to more remote areas, which have had mixed results, and is dangerous to both the elephants and the people trying to relocate them.

The whole situation is heartbreaking.

Knucklehead said...

I think my tusks are even looser after that whack upside the head! I guess you aren't bringing the caviar for the crackers.

Rick Ballard said...

How could anyone pass up a play on Tuscaloosa? There just aren't that many opportunities.

Knucklehead said...

That's pretty much what I thought, Rick. I couldn't pass it up but I ain't messin' will Syl any further on this one.

I can see smoke starting to simmer out from beneath the disheveled red hair on her little picture there. And I suspect the next iteration of it will have a finger displayed right prominently.

I'm takin' my crackers and heading for the hills!