The coming robot revolution.

Sunday, June 24, 2007
A Jacksonian follows up on the topic of robot labor. It is a good post. The divide between first and third worlds is about to become a lot wider. When you can't even sell your labor for grunt work a lot of the third world won't even be needed. What point imperialism now.
That centered on the multi-spectral sensors on gripping hands to judge fruit quality and send tactile feedback for picking of same. Since such sensors, which would include chemical sensors, do not rely on sunlight (looking more to IR and other non-visible spectra) and using chemical sensors to determine fruit quality and ripeness, one is soon in the position of picking delicate fruit (peaches, pears, apples, etc.) without the need for hand harvesting while keeping quality high. So to get an idea of jobs that humans will not need to do, by and large, lets start hitting that sector of the economy and find out just how much longer there will be jobs that *people* will need to do in the agricultural sector of the US.
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Skookumchuk said...

The revolution will come when machines tackle the task of picking delicate fruit for direct consumption. Meanwhile, there is widespread use of robotic equipment today, some not too sophisticated in relation to what you are discussing, but still significant, especially in the wine industries of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand:

New Holland



sakthi said...

Nice article!My opinion is robot should used to assist humans,not to replace humans.We've to give importance to human beings rather than technology.
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