Justice Can Occur

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mike Nifong says he will resign.


Rick Ballard said...

Not so fast, MHA. KC Johnson will be covering his disbarment today and even after being disbarred justice will not have occured. We'll be getting to "justice" when he is charged, convicted and sent to prison for obstruction. Maybe.

Reading the testimony of Nifong's character witnesses and taking a look at their positions, one can legitmately ask whether "justice" has anything to do with the legal process in Durham.

The good old Hegelian master/slave construct is certainly alive and in very good health. So good, in fact, that Nifong felt confident about the power of the metanarrative being able to put away three young men for a long time on the word of a drunken whore of the "right" color.

You're right that justice "can" occur but it ain't an even money bet when the metanarrative is in play.

Stephen said...

With ya Rick. And I wouldn't mind seeing the lying whore get at least as much time as Paris Hilton.

For clarity sake, I'm referring to Ms Mangum.