Paris Hilton to visit Al Taji Iraq

Sunday, June 24, 2007
No, not really, just warming up for sweeps week. Al Taji was mentioned at The Fourth Rail because a 500 man neighborhood watch was forming up in Falahat, so I flew over with gOOgle earth to see what it looked like. There is a big US base there, if you zoom in you can see rows of parked helicopters and what are probably supply dumps and housing. Having such useful intelligence on the net seems a bit sketchy to me, but at least it isn't real time - yet. Here is an image that captures most of the base and shows the sort of information available.

Update: Rick has located proof that my daemon was speaking to me. Have I got a subconscious or what? Gaze upon the revealed truth and weep, mere humans.


Rick Ballard said...

Proof that she's on the way. (Better post the picture in an update, Chuck)

Barry Dauphin said...

This could be the start of a series: Hotties at YARGB. They fight the WoT, reconcile quantum mechanics with relativity theory, and debunk global warming hysteria, while wearing bikinis!

Luther McLeod said...

Yeah but those sunglasses! Oh I know, who's looking.

Though I think you have an eminently sensible idea Barry.

Rick Ballard said...


Let's keep it a little more highbrow than Hotties at YARGB. Maybe The YARGB String Bikini Theory - Physics for the Clear Sighted or somesuch. If someone wants to assign a monograph on "Kinetic Forces in Beach Volleyball" I'm willing to do some basic research.