"When Democrat Politicians talk ... They're lying."

Sunday, June 17, 2007

In one controversy after another, Democrat leaders in the last 40 years have shown themselves almost wholly without any compass other than partisanship. Nixon obstructed justice to cover up a scandal, Democrats hounded him from office; Clinton did the same thing, Democrats rallied to his defense. G. Gordon Liddy tried to steal stuff from the DNC, he's a pariah; Sandy Berger successfully stole stuff from the 9/11 Commission, he's a hero. Ronald Reagan says he wants to reform welfare, he's a racist; Bill Clinton says he wants to reform welfare, he's a visionary. Sen. Robert Torricelli quits his reelection race in New Jersey, Democrats demand the party replace him with a better candidate; I quit my reelection race in Texas, Democrats demand that Republicans not be given the same opportunity. Clarence Thomas is incredibly accused of sexual harassment, Democrats fly into a rage; Bill Clinton is credibly accused of sexual assault, Democrats play deaf. Bill Clinton says Saddam Hussein needs to go, Democrats rattle their sabers; George W. Bush actually does something about it, Democrats howl.

The only thing consistent about Democrat politics these days is its insincerity.

It's really kind of rare for me to think Tom DeLay has said something worth repeating. Read it all.


Buddy Larsen said...

I saw him interviewed on TV over the weekend. He's pretty damn blunt. Of course, that's to paint a bullseye on your back.