June Links—A Recap

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some of these links are golden oldies worth looking at again, so following Buddy's suggestion I'm going to try to start bringing them all into one place at the end of every month. Since I'm already way behind on this project, let's start with a June recap. Here's your chance to catch up on a few of these you missed the first time through.

There's no absolute freedom of speech in Sweden.

Google is building a lobbying powerhouse in Washington.

This doomed star is approximately 150 times the size of the Sun.

Cheap ethanol from glycerin, from biodiesel, care of bioengineering.

France bans Canadian Blackberries on fear of US spying.

11 cures for procrastination.

New study shows Vista more secure than Linux or Macintosh OSX.

The world's best business sites. (hat tip: Buddy Larsen)

A binary adder made from marbles. (hat tip: Seneca the Younger)

Top cities for young professionals.

Sun delivers its first Blackbox data center to Stanford.

Social trip finder.

We actually belong to the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, not to the Milky Way. Who knew?

How to cool your house.

If fire were made of water.

The essential 1,000 films.

Aurora Borealis from space.

Philosophy of History.

Quantum dots might be the key to teleportation.

Giant penguins roaming the tropics.

The UK is the worst for social mobility.

The coming global cooling.

7 secrets of the super-organized.

Chimps can be altruistic.

World's first robot construction worker.

1 in 10 Brits born overseas.

Inside China's factories.

Iranian forces cross into Iraq.

Hot rocks keep North America afloat.

Facebook vs. MySpace.

China is blocking Flickr.

Decorative pencils.

World's cheapest car.

Nitrogen pollution is causing trees to soak up more CO2 from the atmosphere.

The feathered dino explained.

Rome reborn.

Talking jewelry.

23 ways to improve your work life.

Over a thousand parents named their daughters "Unique" during this decade. I guess they aren't.

The seven engineering wonders of the world.

Scramjet hits Mach 10.

Is Google scarier than the FBI?

Venezuela launches the sale of "Bolivarian" linux-based computers for the masses.

How motherboards are made.

The full panoramic view from Everest.

A new particle was discovered at Fermilab, one representing all three families of quarks for the first time.

The SEC just ended an important safeguard in the stock markets. Will this be another example of being condemned to repeat history?

In nature, bacteria emit proteins to sweep up nanoparticles into innocuous clumps.

Totalitarian communist and Gaiaist propaganda compared.

Thousands of pearls found.

Deja vu explained.

Too much sex in the Bible?

The Jefferson Memorial is sinking.

It's now legal for women to be topless in New York.

Space colonization may be hopeless. (hat tip: Luther McLeod)

Why the Soviet Union collapsed.

What people are doing online and which demographic groups participate.

How to give yourself a good life.

Chinese slaves freed.

Calculations with two qubits were successfully performed for the first time.

Floating sand.

Microinjection of materials into a single cell at the nano-level.

Wildlife is returning to Chernobyl.

Honda is discontinuing the hybrid Accord.

A list of the most overpaid CEOs in America.

The world's latest tallest building.

Bullet points kill your presentation.

The Kenyan economics expert James Shikwati says that aid to Africa does more harm than good.

New uses for the Internet.

Normal skin cells can be reprogrammed into becoming stem cells. No need for embryos.

Paper that talks to you.

What the world eats.

The Picture.

A major advance in our understanding of the genetic basis of many diseases.

Everything you ever wanted to know about video codecs.

Were puddles of water discovered on Mars?

Bob Dylan wrote all the pop songs of the last 35 years.

High wages in India are forcing Tata Consultancy Services (one of the largest Indian consultancy firms) to outsource to Mexico.

Why Iran won't compromise.

Why your kids expect to be rich.

25 most popular blogs.

Massive volcano pluming into space.

America's best and worst paying jobs.

The company which Privacy International has called "an endemic threat to privacy", worst on their list.

China continues to build its cyberwarfare units.

China and Russia are vying for uranium in Africa.

The Pentagon is standing up a new high-level command focussed on Africa.

Firefox is up to a 25% market share.

The potentially revolutionary Silverlight was introduced.

A gallery from Microsoft 3D maps.

Google's new street-level view.

Stopping brain cancer with electric fields.

Altruism is built into the species.

Weird clouds over Nebraska.

Computers in the headband.


Buddy Larsen said...

This's great --easy to save, easy to send to recalcitrant children who do not read nearly widely enough.

And that June Links is a mighty cute gal, too.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Glad you're still reading Buddy! I'll try to get July links, etc. out over the next few weeks as time permits. I also created a new tag at the bottom so we can find all of these together: "monthly links".

Buddy Larsen said...

thanks--it's great stuff--really discerning eye for the arcane & interesting, you got!