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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The top 50 neuroscience brain teasers.

What the quants have been up to.

How Lord of the Flies really works in practice.

Build your own Sputnik.

Awesome paper art.

Did Yahoo lie to Congress?

More free audio books for learning.

Is there a black hole larger than can be contained in today's philosophy?

Criminals are already using steganography.

Build your own helicopter.

25 useful Greasemonkey scripts.

From fat cell to nerve cell.

31 ways to motivate yourself to exercise.

Mother Russia protects her hackers.

Real progress against AIDS.

Thinner, more colorful e-paper.

How El Niño slows the rotation of the Earth.


Rick Ballard said...

"All this works great, until it doesn't."

The guy writing the quants article could have saved millions of pixels.

The author might have at least mentioned the quants at the ratings agency's cheerfully joining in the mathmatically precise circle jerk. It couldn't have happened without 'em.

I wonder how long the precept of "abstinence is safer than the algorithm method" will hold up? I would guess that it wouldn't be too long. The fascination with black boxes runs too deep.

Buddy Larsen said...

It's hard to see how quants could successfully exceed half of total volume--about where they are.