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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Separate but equal medical studies?

The 10 commandments of investing.

Threat modeling for software engineers.

Ancient calculus recovered.

The surface below the surface.

What Steve and Bill can teach us about giving presentations.

Well-trained robots make the same mistakes we do.

The world's biggest aquarium screensaver.

The age of feudalism.

The seller's guide to Craigslist.

Is Alzheimer's Disease a form of diabetes?

Wallace and Gromit return to TV.

The 10 most fascinating tombs in the world.

Are durable goods orders a reliable leading indicator for the stock market?

Free college lectures for you on YouTube, courtesy of the University of California.

The 8 body-language mistakes.

Japanese stealth fighters.


Anonymous said...

Great links, as usual. The new Wallace and Gromit info alone was worthy of a post. Interesting about Archimedes. Back in the distant past when I thought I would study the history of science, I remember some talk about the Greeks trying to figure some of this stuff out. If this work has only recently been discovered, there must have been other information about their efforts somewhere. So now with the Archimedes Codex we have yet another book to buy...

Anonymous said...

And if we are speaking of Wallace and Gromit, we can't forget the Wensleydale.