Yon oped in the NY Post

Sunday, October 28, 2007
Here. If you have been following Yon, it's mostly old material, although the bit about Iraqis sending in e-mail tips with Google Earth maps pointing out the position of the bad guys is a new one to me.

A soldier was blown up and killed about 400 meters away on Thursday evening. LTC Frank told me the other day that his best weapon system is his cell phone. Calls come to him (through his interpreter) every day and into the night, with information from locals about the whereabouts of wanted JAM members. Many local people are clearly fed up with the violence. Some even send e-mails with Google Earth maps showing exactly where suspects are, and they are doing it in real time.

Ain't technology wonderful. It's good to see Michael get a little mainstream exposure.

h/t: Betsy's Page