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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The optimism spot has been found.

The statistical semiotician debunks The New Republic. (H/T chuck)

American kids are dumber than dirt.

Human beings aren't evolved for security in the modern world.

Coding the right stuff.

25 unexpectedly useful websites.

Remains of a shattered moon found in Saturn's rings.

The North Korean nuclear test confirmed.

Smile when you see your robot.

Better than mind-mapping?

Taking over the visual system for better hearing.

OS X slips past Vista.

Maxwell the poet.

Guide to the new Word.

Neanderthals had red hair, but weren't the ancestors of Vikings, contrary to rumor.

Wolfram debunked.


Knucklehead said...

OK... this is goodness. Some of the links are fine and interesting but that's not important.

What is important, especially considering my confession in the the gory Picture du Jour thread above, is that once upon a time I reached the bottom of a gigantic staircase (a double staircase, actually) at precisely the same moment as a young lady. It was Holloween. She looked nothing like the young lady in the picture but, then again, she looked nothing like my hitchhiking acquaintance either.

She was, in fact, quite lovely. Red of hair. Dressed in black with a great deal of lace. I was smitten and said so. It was many years ago. I remember it because it was, well, a prelude.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


Should we wish you "Happy Anniversary"?

Knucklehead said...

No - it was long ago in another life ;)