Separated at birth?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

No, no, not Gore and Stalin! What were you thinking? I meant the artists.

Truth to tell, my first impression on seeing the Gore poster was that it was adapted from an Astounding cover from sometime in the forties or fifties. I swear I have seen that poster before. And it's better than the Stalin one.

h/t: No Pasaran


Barry Dauphin said...

I see they thinned down "big" Al for the poster. Worship of the zealot is no ticket to respectability, let alone common sense. And check out the green shirt on Al. It seems cut from the cloth of Castro.

Rick Ballard said...


The watermelons gotta worship someone - and they were never respectable nor attached to common sense anyway. As the canon of spurious correlation continues to be reduced (down to 13 from 18, at the moment), I would imagine the pitch and intensity of the furor will intensify. The really dangerous part of this will be the claims of "success" as the cooling takes hold. The data manipulation that extrapolates cooling temperatures as being a result of trading carbon futures is going to make the fraud committed in generating the AGW scare pale in comparison.

Luther McLeod said...

I was more reminded of a few L. Ron Hubbard book covers I have seen in the past.

I think it a terrible poster, full of foreboding and doom, which was the purpose I suppose. Though contrary to the artist's intent I see in the poster, Gore as vanguard and not saviour from...

loner said...

I used to have a rather interesting coffee-table book on graphic design/commercial art and the future through the decades, but somewhere along the line I must have lent, sold or donated it.

It looks like the poster's creater is in his late-60s. He's also a Tennessean (degree from Vanderbilt, the artwork for Nashville (1975), etc.) so he's probably a Gore supporter going back to Sr. and far more familiar, no doubt, with the man and with those early Astounding covers than I.

I'm as indifferent to the poster as I am to its subjects.

Buddy Larsen said...

mention of Gore's color cues reminds me of the Clintons--ever notice how often they appear at rallies together in the exact hues of the hammer & sickle banner?

It's in their 'tops' (pants are earth tone) --hers the red, his the yellow.

I know --crazy.