Picture du Jour

Thursday, October 18, 2007


chuck said...


Reminds me of walking down to the Hudson river about 6AM one summer morning when I was living up around 180'th street in NYC. There was an overlook before the river and there I looked down on the whole riverside park filled up with parked police cars.

Rick Ballard said...

They must not have had time to put up the crime scene tape. I wonder if they managed to save any donuts?

loner said...

www.rotten com

No thanks for the memories.

Liza said...

Hi, Meaningless,
I saw on your blogger's profile that you like "everything by Raymond Chandler."

So do I. I just read six of his seven novels in succession over the last two months. I'm kind of sad there are only seven. I guess he got a late start.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but do they have Samoan donuts?

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Hi liza,

Yes, it is always sad when you finish everything written by one of your favorite authors. Clearly Chandler didn't write enough, but I guess he wrote what he needed to write.