Billboard houses

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Earlier I did a post on Japanese architects, because of the premium on land, constructing buildings with extremely narrow footprints. Recently the Polish firm Front Architects has suggested recycling old billboards into small dwellings they call billboard homes. I can't find much on the web about them, although the website the Best of Remodeling has a post that includes a floor plan of a billboard home

The idea seems fairly daft to me. I can't imagine anybody wanting to live in such a small structure, I don't see how urban space is used effectively, and I don't know why anybody would want a cabin on a pole in a rural setting.

Still, with the housing market as depressed as it is, perhaps affordable options like this will catch on with the home buying public. So, not wanting to miss the chance to get in on the ground floor of a potentially booming market, I've designed my version of a bilboard home so I can step into the nitch and line my pockets with money.

Click on the "read more" link below to see my billboard home design.

The delux 'Happy Acres' model billboard home
by Ambi Custom Home Builders, Inc.


KurtP said...

Did you photo shop those first three?
I can see a problem utility-wize with the second two as far as brownwater goes...

ambisinistral said...

The first three are off the web. I assume they are photoshops from the Polish architects, unless they actually built a few of their silly billboard houses.