Bin Laden finally gets his raisins

Monday, May 02, 2011
Adios Osama, and good riddance to you. As they say in the Navy, "a hearty handshake and a job well done" to the folks who conducted this mission.

Early reports state that the Navy SEALs were in Obama's compound for about 40 minutes. Along with killing Bin Laden, they captured several people: his youngest wife, as well as some of his children at a minimum. There has been no word as to whether any of his aides were also captured.  Presumably any laptops and papers that were in the compound were also secured.

The compound was apparently then set on fire. Perhaps this was done to complicate Pakistani efforts at untangling what happened in the fight and what was taken.  

In the past such raids yielded intelligence that led to other people. It's hard to know how much Bin Laden was still in the loop, but I imagine there are a lot of nervous people today. Al-Zawahri and other Al Qaeda leadership will have to move, and I imagine there are some Pakistani muckity-mucks who are sweating bullets this morning.

At any rate, good to see Osama's been sent to the Great Beyond to collect his raisins. With luck we'll be able to send a few more down the same path because of this raid.