Sunday Open Thread

Sunday, May 08, 2011
Nobody much comments on Flares, so I'm joking with the Open Thread title. I use these posts as information dumps about tweaks I'm making to Flares into Darkness. 

In the far right rail I've added a link list titled 'Recommended'. These are sites like Instapundit, Hot Air, etc. that would dominate the top of my blogroll if I put them there. I segregated them because I like the fact that the blogroll cycles sites with new posts to the top, and I don't want the smaller blogs buried by the aggregaters and group news sites.

I also moved Jim Miller and Lileks to that area because they weren't providing feeds when they posted new articles. This meant they were always at the bottom of my blogroll, and that made them look dormant when they were in fact active. I don't want them to be inadvertently overlooked.

I've added Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion and Fausta's Blog to the blogroll. I was surprised that Fausta's wasn't already linked. Wasn't she one of the original blogs in our blogroll? I must have forgotten to add her when I redid the template. At any rate, her -- and her weekly tango videos -- are back.

I've also mentioned wanting to expand into the Indian blogsphere. I've been poking around trying to find accessible Indian blogs and have added the first: Sepia Mutiny (in the 'Recommended' section). It's actually an Stateside blog maintained by Americans of Indian descent, so it is a bit of a cheat. None the less, it provides a different perspective on politics and cultural issues and is an interesting read. 

Finally, I have opened up the commenting considerably. Anonymous comments are now allowed. It is hard to imagine, aside from spambots, comments ever being an issue on Flares, but we'll see if this policy change causes a problem or not.