Thursday, May 26, 2011

Knock me over with a feather

For her next act, Judge Sumi plans on
picking out the china pattern for the
Governor's mansion
If you've been following the Wisconsin fiasco at all you'll know that the unfortunately named liberal County Judge Sumi had, prior to a collective bargaining law being published, exercised her hitherto unknown veto powers by issuing a temporary restraining order forbidding the law being put into effect. 

Today she issued her final ruling and to nobody's surprise she ruled that the law, or what would have been a law had the governor been able to get it published, was dead, kaput and invalid. You can read more about her rather unusual decision at Legal Insurrection and The Volokh Conspiracy

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will take up the issue in a couple of weeks.

When asked a simple question,
Kloppy demonstrates the classic
"Deer in the Headlights" look
Speaking of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Sumi's meddling in the procedures of the legislative branch is not all the zaniness taking place in the Dairy State, they recently held an election for a Supreme Court seat. On the night of the election, based on AP reports of the votes total, JoAnne "Kloppy" Kloppenburg declared that she had an water-tight, insurmountable victory based on a 204 vote lead. 

Unfortunately for her, the Clerk of Elections in Waukesha County couldn't save an excel spread sheet properly, and it turned out that Kloppy's opponent actually had a 7500 vote lead. Oooops. 

Obviously, unlike 204 votes, 7500+ votes is a slender lead so she requested a recount. The recount is over and she picked up a little over 300 votes. However, not one to shy away from looking stupid, she has made all sorts of dodgy claims that there are a lot of anomalies in the election and it just may be tainted. She has until Friday, May 27th to file a court challenge. My guess is she'll tilt at the windmills and file her challenges. 

Fleebagging Democrat Senators, mobs occupying the capitol building, death threats, union intimidation, county judges vetoing laws, recall elections, lawsuit after lawsuit to subvert governance -- Wisconsin has it all. Let's hope this doesn't become the national blueprint.   


OMMAG said...

Holy freekin crap!

Wisconsin is becoming Ontario... or BC or Quebec......

ambisinistral said...

And I haven't included the craziness about the recall. Wisconsin allows recall petitions to be filed after a year in office.

At the moment it looks like -- cost be damned -- everybody will face recall elections after their year.

The redistricting fight should really be a doozy...