Elaborately designed tea bags

Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Tons of yucks at your nest tea party
Above is an ad for a tea bag disguised as a cigarette. In place of the tobacco are tea leaves and the filter act as a float. To be honest, I'm not sure they thought that concept through. Would the image of dunking a cigarette into a cup of hot water really appeal to a tea affectionado?

If the Cigarettea tea bag isn't your cup of tea (groan), there are several other unique tea bags listed at tozel.com's post Clever and Creative Tea Packaging. Some of them veer much too far into being overly contraption-like or cutesy, but others are appealing. The Tea Forté, Tea Stick and Origami Tea Bags are all nice.

Still, it is an interesting, albeit obscure, corner of the design universe. It is always interesting to see such thought put into things you never think about.