Portraits etched into canvas with napalm and fire

Thursday, November 03, 2011
Timofey prepares to hurl his 'paint' at his canvas
 Russian artist Radya Timofey has been using Molotov cocktails rather than paint brushes to create his latest portraits. He prepares his canvases with a paste of homemade napalm and then throws his gasoline bombs against them. The napalm burns the canvas and the char marks left reveal his portraits.

The portraits are of Russian soldiers, known and unknown, who died fighting the Nazis during WWII. After creating them he hangs them on the walls of an abandoned WWII Hospital in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Radya says his portraits, which he calls Eternal Fire, commemorate Russia's struggle against Germany as well as comment on the wars of the world today.

Timofey and an assistant prepare his canvas
The portrait being burned into the canvas
A finished canvas
Timofey's works displayed

(sources Oddity Central and Mail Online