WWI Reenactment

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Russian troops muster for an attack (click any picture to enlarge)
 EnglishRussia has a post The Brusilov Offensive that shows a number of pictures of the reenactment of a WWI battle. It isn't clear from the article who is doing the reenactment, but from the number and ages of the participants I would guess they are hobbyists, like our Civil War reenactors.

They represent troops from Russia, Germany, Austria, Scotland and England. Along with their personal arms and kits they have Maxim machine guns, at least one artillery piece and a replica of an armored vehicle. What ever its genesis, it looks like a fairly elaborate display. The poor Russians even get gassed at one point.

There are more pictures after the jump, and many, many more pictures -- including original WWI photos for comparison -- at the above link.

An armored vehicle to support the attack
A machine gun nest

Assisting an injured comrade from a gas attack
Troops on the move with cavalry in the background
In the trenches
Manning the field kitchen
A dreaded Hun soldier
The crew of an artillery piece
Taking aim
Officers and men