Budget Holiday gift ideas for procrastinators

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
If you're reading this looking for Christmas gifts, you may have procrastinated too long to get one shipped to you on time. What to do? You could go to a brick and mortar store and by the sort of junk they sell, or you could buy them a gift so dazzling that they won't mind having to wait a bit before it comes. 

If you go the later route I suggest the replica Apollo 17 Space Suit from Space Toys. Each is custom made with metal hose fittings, plenty of hoses, two sun shields including the outer gold visor, a snoopy cap to keep your hair in place, a metal front pack, space gloves and space boots. There is no mention of space underwear (or space dainties as the Victorians called them), so you'll have to provide them yourself.

Yes, yes, at $10,250 this might seem to be a wee bit out of the budget category, but don't blame me -- you're the one who procrastinated and got yourself into this fix in the first place. Besides, imagine your loved one's eyes lighting up with joy when they unwrap it. Why, in no time they'll have it on and will be walking across your front yard in slow motion as they simulate exploring the moon! 

I come in pieces
However, if you are such a cold-hearted cheapskate that you won't buy your loved one a space suit there are other alternatives at the Space Toys site. 

Some are bit pricey, but I did manage to find an educational Transparent Roswell Alien model kit for an affordable $37.99. Further, if you order it tonight, and pay for 2nd day express shipping, you should get it by Christmas Eve day.

Whatever your decision, the Space Toys site is a hoot, and it has some things you won't find anywhere else. Give it a look if you have somebody who might like a space themed present in the future, or if you collect this sort of stuff yourself.