Junk Yard Blues

Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday moring blues by The Atomic Rats.I was going to skip Monday blues this week because, being a holiday, today isn't the start of the work week for most of us. But then...

Last night, after eating our traditional Christmas meal at a Chinese restaurant, my wife, son, brother and I were sitting at a red light when we got rear-ended. We were in a Honda Fit and we got hit hard, he barely braked, by a full cab pickup truck. He hit us so hard we got pushed into the car in front of us so both ends of the fit were messed up. The car is totaled.

My wife's arm got broken, and a rib of hers was fractured, my ribcage hurts like hell and my brother's leg is hurting him, bur aside from that we're OK.

The guy who hit us was a Mexican fellow who had too much Christmas cheer. After watching my wife get loaded into an ambulance he gave the cops some cock-and-bull story about our cars swerving in front of him and causing the accident. The cops just rolled their eyes at his story, and left him keep spinning it, as they waited for the paper work OK to arrest him on DUI.

Thankfully he had insurance and all in all we're fine.


Bob said...

I'm really sorry to hear about this terrible event. I will pray for speedy recoveries.

Luther said...

Same here as Bob, Ambi. So glad though to hear you are all mostly well after such a violent collision.